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Week-Long ORH Medical Missions


June 10-18, 2011 were exciting days for Operation Renewed Hope as a team of thirty returned to Panama for an evangelistic clinic. The ORH maiden voyage of medical missions was to Panama back in 1993, and this was the first trip back to this fertile Central American country since 2003.
After discussions by veteran missionary Jim Childress and Jan Milton, ORH clinic planner, Rick Williamson, flew to Panama to begin the preparations for the return mission to Panama.  Brother Childress wanted the team to go to a mountain village of Barrera in support of a young pastor, Pastor Eli.

In 2001 clinic, Pastor Eli was discovered to have a life threatening appendicitis and was evacuated to Colon in order to obtain surgery to save his life. Brother Milton and Dr. Kendall Suh were persistent in their pleas for help to save the life of Eli. ORH paid transport for Eli to Colon where the surgery was successfully performed. Before Eli left the village, Dr. Suh prayed with Eli and said to him, “God has a great plan for your life.”  Doc was prophetic in his challenge.

Shortly after returning from surgery, Eli trusted the Savior preached in the clinic and determined to take the message of the gospel to his family in the jungle. Today his whole family has come to the Savior, and Eli now pastors the Bible Baptist Church in Barrera. Serving tirelessly, Brother Eli with many of the church members labored to announce the clinic long before our team arrived on Friday, June 9, with Dr. Mike Ennis and Dr. Tom Farrell joining the team the next day.

Early Sunday morning, the teamed flew by helicopter into the jungle village of Barrera, a one hour helicopter flight from Panama City; and upon arrival, the village school was converted to a clinic.  After the team prepared everything for the Monday clinic and ate their MRE’s,  Dr. Milton challenged us from the Word of God and prayer was made for a “prosperous way” Phil.1:9-11.

Monday morning the team was up early making final preparations for a long day.  People would be traveling by foot and boat from as much as three and four hours away.  They were coming to Barrera from Platanal, Concepcion, Zapatero, and Guerra. Our excitement was enhanced even more because an un-reached people group traveled from the village of San Antonio.

Although it was the rainy season in Panama and heavy showers were a common occurrence, the people continued to come.
Missionary Gary Queen from Monterrey, Mexico, translated for Dr. Tom Farrell, as he preached to the Panamanian people.  The two have been friends for years and had worked together on a number of occasions. The work and love of the entire team paved the way for the preaching sessions where the gospel was made plain and the people were invited to trust Christ. It was obvious from the first group that these people would be both attentive and responsive to the wonderful message of salvation. 

In spite of the hot temperatures, energy zapping humidity, and lack of comforts; the team labored faithfully dispensing medicines and the Gospel. 

Youth Pastor Jonathan Threlfall and his wife with nine young people from Bible Baptist Church, Matthews, NC, did a wonderful job assisting the doctors and nurses while displaying a tremendous servant-spirit. The ORH Team thrilled to join forces with missionaries Dan Young, Thomas Corbello and family, Franklin Booth, and many nationals, to show the people the love of Christ pointing their precious souls to our soon-coming KING!

By Wednesday night the team had seen about 590 patients.  After twenty two preaching times, 214 people had made public profession of faith in Jesus Christ. All the converts were spoken to by Pastor Eli and Pastor Roderick who will be doing the follow up of baptism and discipleship.  There was much rejoicing in the Wednesday evening service as the team sang “It is Well with My Soul” and “Lord Send Me Anywhere.”

We prayed for good weather so that the helicopters from Panama City could get in on Thursday morning; and, in answer to our prayers, God gave a beautiful morning and the helicopters actually arrived early for the three extraction trips.  While some of us departed on the first flights out, a lady brought her child to the clinic thinking that it was still open. She was from one of the un-reached villages and had journeyed very far. She and her child were examined by a care-giver and a believer who could speak her dialect gave her the gospel.  That morning, though the clinic was officially closed, the lady not only received physical help but spiritual help as well. She readily opened her heart to Christ and the 215th soul from the area came into the family of God.

In our final dinner on Friday evening, the team and missionaries rejoiced in God’s power and goodness.  It was my privilege to eat with Dr. Jan Milton and Brother Jim Childress and hear them recount the many clinics and blessings of God in Panama. Over the ministry years, hundreds have trusted the Savior and many churches have been started as a result of the impact of ORH partnering with the missionaries.

Brother Childress stirred my heart as he said, ”The work accomplished in a one week ORH clinic could take us as much a ten years. To find the people, get to them, let them know of our love, and God’s plan of salvation is substantially expedited by ORH.”

What a joy for the ORH Team once again to unite with missionaries and nationals to “touch the body in order to reach the soul.”  To God be all the glory!

Pray for our next team to Panama in July.

God bless,
Jan Milton

Week-Long ORH Medical Missions

Week-Long ORH Medical Missions
Pictured above:
Operation Renewed Hope presenting a representative of the Dept. of Health with batteries so he will have lights at night in the delivery room and exam area of his clinic on the Mekong River.

He had been functioning with flash lights because his batteries were no longer able to hold a charge.


A team of 29 people traveled in January to Cambodia. Our target area was to the north on the Mekong River.

Rick Williamson and missionary, Dr. Tom Johnson, were able to secure sites around Stung Treng on the Mekong River. These sites had no previous medical assistance or spiritual emphasis.

Many people were helped with medical care and the gospel of Christ. Pastor Da Ra is now going back into the villages following up on those who received Christ.

The Cambodian man pictured at left is the local area representative for the Department of Health at the second clinic site of our 2011 Cambodia Medical Trip.

Dr. Doug Duncan, Dr. Tom Johnson and Jan Milton went to his clinic, and were able to give him the gospel in a very careful and leisurely manner.
He overwhelmingly received Christ along with one of his assistants. His assistant received the Gospel as her eyes welled-up with tears.

After the health official’s conversion, Dr. Duncan wanted to give tracts to all of his people working there. Before Dr. Duncan could give out the tracts our new brother in Christ, grabbed the tracts and began eagerly distributing them to his people.

It was a great experience as God led. Sometimes God stops our plans so that His plans can be done. Please pray for these precious souls.


Week-Long ORH Medical Missions
"A great blessings for ORH is the participation of the church people hosting the clinics.

It is wonderful to watch their enthusiasm for helping their people physically And spiritually.

Our week-end clinics require
much help from the churches in
country. The El Salvadoran
Christians were magnificent providing two dentists, two doctors, and multiple staff.

The pastors and people of the
churches conducted the spiritual
ministry of preaching and witnessing to the patients and were responsible for the 45 people receiving Christ.

ORH supplied 9 professionals
and support staff. With the El Salvadoran people the team Swelled to almost 40 people.

God bless those good churches as they labor for Christ."


God was good to our July El Salvador medical team. The team
worked over a week-end and was hosted into the country by a national pastor and his independent Baptist church. The clinic was conducted from July 17-20, 2009.

The team consisted of medial professionals from the US and support staff. Two of the support staff were medical students. One of the students was a pre-med student at Clearwater Christian College. The other student was a first year student in a medical
school in Ohio. It is great to work with these young people as they train for medical service and future medical missions.

On our last trip to Peru, we were so blessed to have over 10 nursing students and faculty from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. This college works directly with Operation Renewed Hope to place their students on medical mission trips. Brian Trainer, a member of the faculty and administration, encourages the students to travel to develop their mission aptitude. We want to say thank you to all the colleges and universities who have students and faculty members traveling with ORH.

The two day clinic resulted in over 400 patients and 45 people coming to Christ. Two churches were strengthen through the clinics. The pastors asked us to return for more clinics.

Pastor and Mrs. Jim Logan from Neodesha, Kansas were also on the trip. They were such a blessing. Pastor Logan testified of the wonderful blessing of the trip. He said the trip opened his eyes to the possibilities of evangelistic medical missions. He said a defining moment of the trip was when the host local pastor expressed to him how grateful his people and village were for the “good” that the team had done. Pastor and Mrs. Logan were truly great blessings.

Their church is working on gathering materials to help future
trips and for shipments to hospitals in need. We say thank
you for their efforts is our behalf.
Week-Long ORH Medical Missions

Jan Mlton
Founder, Operation Renewed Hope


This is a communication I received from Missionary Jim Childress. Jim has been in Panama for over 25 years. He was the first missionary that ever worked with ORH. In my opinion, he is the model of a missionary. He is my mentor in missions. I am very blessed. 

Please read his journal about a trip into the jungle to churches formed after ORH Clinics. We must give credit to Jim and his group of preachers for the great work done in the jungle of Panama. This is longer than usual; please take time to read it all.

Journal Excerpt from Missionary Jim Childress:

Here is an update on our recent trip to the coastal area where I have been the last 11 or 12 days. This is an area of the country with no roads, electricity and only a few phones that only work sometimes.
1. We spent our first three days in Río Concepción where Aulio Gonzalez has been pastor for the last several years.  This church has about 50% of the town population attending the church on a regular basis. There was a good attendance during the morning and evening services. Each day had a prayer meeting at 6:30 AM. There were classes for adults, young people and children in the morning and evening.  Some evening services had two preaching sessions. Three were baptized on Friday, one young lady and two older adults, one around 60, maybe older. Another new group of 10-12 came from another village called Plantanal, which is further up the river than the church in Barriga. Brothers Jorge and Roderick and I were tasked with the teaching and preaching.
2. Saturday I traveled about 2 hours to be with the small church in Caimito, that has been struggling pretty much on their own for the last five or six years. I preached three times, Saturday evening and twice on Sunday. Around 25 - 30 were in the services. I noted that most of the people, who have been in the church for some time, need new Bibles. Some were in deteriorated condition to the poing that the covers were missing. Newer converts do not have a Bible. 
The church is going through a difficult time of testing. An ex church member and family member of the most faithful in the church, has caused problems….They are building their new building on the edge of the town instead of remaining upriver. They cut their own board with a chain saw and have just installed the first floor support posts and beams. They have cut 3" by 10" by 42 foot beams, and the church in Belen came to help them move and set the posts and supports. They figure they can move into the new building by the end of the year. Presently they meet in the downstairs of one of the houses. (Note: In June they will have perfect attendance month. Those who come to all Sunday and Wednesday services will earn a new Bible. If they should have a Bible, they can choose a Hymnal.)
Jorge baptized five more in Rio Veraguas on Sunday while being in one of their services. The church in Rió Veraguas also needs to build a new building because of problems with an old, ex, disgruntled church member. They will need about $1,500 dollars to build the building and put  a metal roof on it.
3. The Bible Institute classes in Belén. There were 9 in  the class for pastors. Three were new students while three older students could not make classes this session due to family commitments. I taught the Tabernáculo and the Doctrine of the church y la Doctrina de la Iglesia. Jorge taught History of the Old Testament.  Roderick taught Spanish and Missions. There were classes with regard to music and guitar. We had the opportunity to do some serious counseling and encourage one family struggling in marital problems once the classes over.
4. Jorge is talking about ordaining the two preachers in Rio Veraguas and Belen by next year. He will probably wait until I return from furlough in late April. I am impressed with our two coastal missionaries. They have done a good work.  Although they both have new ministries in new areas, we will continue to do these conferences and Bible Institute seminars twice a year.
6. We are encouraging the pastors in this area to attend our national retreat. Some have already made a commitment.  The problem is the travel expense from the difficult access area is expensive and we will try to organize it so that all leave together. That way the travel expense will be limited to around 250 dollars. This would be a good project for a Sunday School Class.

Thank you for reading this. These are very precious people struggling to serve God in a very desperate surrounding. ORH is so blessed of God to play a part in the formation of these churches through our clinics. Thank God for missionaries and nationals like the men in this report.
- Jan Milton

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