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Help Us Grow the Team!

Here are some ways that you
can help us reach more young
people with the message of
medical missions and attending ORH Boot Camps:
  • Ask the coach where your child attends school to contact ORH for info about future teams.
  • Ask your pastor to allow ORH to make a presentation in your church.
  • Contact young people an personally recruit them.


In our work to contact youth with the concept of medical missions, ORH is offering participation on sports teams to youth. During the time the youth are with ORH, we preach to them about the possibility of using their lives in medical
missions. The program consists of working through church evangelism, recruitment preaching, and playing games.


The baseball team (pictured above) this year worked with Pastor Billy Gotcher of Berea Baptist Church in Palm Harbor, FL. Pastor Gotcher was a wonderful host into the community and much time was spent with his church. Also two young men from his ministry, one being his son, Ethan, was part of the team.

The team working with Berea to stuff 1400 door hangers with VBS flyers, gospel tracts, church music program information, and other items. The team used maps prepared by Assistant Pastor Conover to distribute the bags. By the end of the week, the ORH young men had covered over 1200 homes around the church.

Some of the young men were able to speak to the people in their homes as they distributed the materials. The preaching emphasis was “Quit Ye Like Men.” The team met daily at the church family life center for preaching. Our goal was to break the national confusion about being a man because of political
correctness. We explained that men are different from
women and need to act so. We were able to present our program of medical mission with great success. The final invitation had a great response from the men.

The final element was playing the sport. Florida is a wonderful place to take young people and play. We played 4 games with public school teams registered with Winning Inning. Our teams won 3 of the 4 games played! (a 5th game was rained out)


Please contact us to receive information on how you or your church can get invloved with
ORH Sports!

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