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Pastor Daryl Butts is in need of help because his house and car were destroyed. His car will cost more to replace than he will have.

Here is Pastor Butts' account of the tornado:

"The tornado sirens awakened us at 4:30 am on 4/27/2011.  Our day commenced as usual: I went to work construction in the Hackleburg/Hatton area. Lawrence (19) was at the University of North Alabama, Joseph (16) and Niles (13) were at Phil Campbell High School. My wife, Gloria, a GED instructor, was at NWSCC in Phil Campbell.

The day was interrupted with tornado drills/warnings; we all made it back to our house.

In the early afternoon, I went the two miles to Temple Baptist Church where I pastor. The power went out so I packed up to go home.

As I approached Phil Campbell, I saw a grey cloud moving across the town. I tried to call the house and all cell phones had been compromised. No answer at home or on her cell.

I sped up to try to get to them and warn them. A tree fell in my way. I turned around and another tree fell behind me.  Debris was flying all around me, so I parked my truck in the middle of the road and started running toward my house.

Because of the hilly terrain, all I could see was my neighbor’s house that had been destroyed. “Dear God.”  As I ran by their house, I could see the remains of my house and my three sons who were helping my wife through the rubble and out of the house.

God’s protection was so evident because if I had reached my family by phone, I would have put them in greater danger by insisting they go to a shelter. The two trees falling blocked me from entering into the middle of the tornado. Several neighbors and drivers were killed right around our house."


Pastor Butts also has church members who have been impacted and need help, such as Mrs. Irene Nix and her family.

Read Mrs. Nix's plea for help:

"Thank you so much for the hope you gave me yesterday. Our son, Byron Dale Nix and his wife Wendy Nix live in Tuscaloosa Al. On Wed. April 27th everything they had was destroyed in the tornado.

They have no insurance....We have had to pay rent and utilities for the past three months. Their greatest need is some assistance with housing. They are, at the moment, living at the Ramada Inn in Tuscaloosa, Al. It is costing us $77.00 a day. It is being paid for with my credit card.

Their car was severely damaged also. She has to have a car to get to and from work. Some of the windows were knocked out of the car. But at least it is drivable. We are thankful to our Precious Heavenly Father for sparing their lives.

We have provided clothing and their food is being given to them by relief agencies. I thank you so very much for the offer to help and I thank God for our Godly pastor and his family, Daryl Butts.

Anything you can do will be gratefully appreciated. The call you made to me was in direct answer from God Himself."

Pastor Butts spoke with Operation Renewed Hope about all of these needs. We hope that you will pray for these families and especially Pastor Butts.

We have more who are in need.  Another Pastor has been brought to our attention in Smithville, AL. According to the report we received , "The Pastor's home and the meeting house were completely destroyed."
Pray and remember these people in their needs.
- Jan Milton


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