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ORH arrives in Latin America

Dave Spangler

Currently, Air Hope is blessed to have highly skilled pilot
and a devoted Christian,
Captain Dave Spangler,



Air Hope is a division of Operation Renewed Hope, a Christ-centered, nonprofit medical mission and disaster relief agency providing relief at home and abroad to those in need.

Operation Renewed Hope was founded in 1991, focused on providing medical, educational and humanitarian relief worldwide to all who are in need, while providing the opportunity for medical professionals, aviation professionals, non-medical volunteers and donors, to serve through short-term and long-term missions.

Air Hope specializes in short term, fly-in
missions to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Air Hope's long weekend missions provide medical and flight volunteers the ability to participate with less disruption to their normal weekly work schedules, as well as opportunities for pilots and owners to use their aircraft, talents and love of flight for tremendous good.


Do I have to be a Christian to volunteer with Air Hope?
Being a Christian is not a prerequisite for volunteering with Air Hope, but simply having the desire to love and care for others who are in need.

Are there qualifications for volunteering?
There are certain qualifications that exist for pilots, aircraft and medical personnel. To discuss the specific qualifications for these areas, please contact us. There are also many ways to volunteer that require no qualifications, so even if certain qualifying criteria cannot be met, other volunteer areas are available.

Is there a certain amount of participation that I must be willing to meet in order to volunteer?
No. Volunteer participation amount and frequency is up to the volunteer.

Why doesn't Air Hope utilize commercial airlines
to transport medical personnel and supplies?
The use of volunteer private pilots and aircraft provides less personal expense for each traveling team member, allowing the greater use of mission donated funds for the medical needs of those being served and the potential assistance of flight costs for the volunteer pilots. The volunteer aircraft also reduces the restricting of mission effectiveness due to the changing schedules, cancellation issues and limited destinations associated with larger commercial airlines. Missions also include air supported disaster and general humanitarian relief missions to Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the continental United States. These private aircraft, with their ability to reach smaller interior airports, are utilized in the delivery of much needed, time sensitive supplies and personnel.

Is Operation Renewed Hope a 501(c)(3) non-profit?
Yes, Operation Renewed Hope is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to Operation Renewed Hope may be tax deductible. Please contact us for more information.




Air Hope needs private and corporate partners to partially or fully sponsor* a future Air Hope mission trip:
  • Become a sponsor
    of Air Hope here.

    *Contributions start at $500 for a partial sponsorship contribution, and go up to $4,000 for a full sponsorship contribution.

    Be sure to note "Air Hope Sponsorship" in the "Designation Optional" field.

Air Hope also needs qualified pilots to donate expertise
and/or aircraft for use on a future Air Hope mission trip:
  • Pilots can donate time
    or aircraft here.

As always, any doctors who would like to go on a mission trip, but cannot be away from their own practices for a full week, are encouraged to contact ORH with regard to a future Air Hope weekend mission trips.

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