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What Makes Operation Renewed Hope Unique
Operation Renewed Hope: ABOUT: WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE
What Makes ORH Unique


  • ORH has shipped medical and educational equipment through the United States Air Force since 1992.
  • ORH has been included in the US Air Force history documents for having shipped very large quantities of supplies.
  • ORH has conducted remote jungle medical clinics since 1993, helping thousands who have very limited, or no access to medical care. We are one of the few agencies who work in these remote locations.
  • Due to our very low budgets and tremendous efficiency, we can remain in areas of need for long periods of time when other, higher budget agencies have pulled out.
  • ORH does not use project donations for salaries, office expenses or overhead costs. Each individual working with the organization raises his own salary money and support so that 100% of the project money goes to people in need.
  • ORH recruits doctors and other medical professionals for mission clinics and require them to pay their own expenses. Some other agencies have on-staff professionals which require that donation funds intended for relief are directed towards overhead expenses of facilities and staff.
  • ORH builds 50 foot mobile medical trailers to use in clinics where roads are available. The average cost for the trailer is $10,000 - Making it an incredible tool for a very low cost.
  • ORH recruits and trains teens to work side-by-side with medical professionals through ORH Boot Camp.
  • ORH acquires, stores, and refurbishes used equipment for the needs of medical clinics in nations around the world.
  • ORH helps nations by arranging and overseeing shipments of supplies. Nations have requests for certain supplies for specific areas of need within their country, and ORH works to fill their request.

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