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"To the Air Force and Army
who assist us, ORH salutes and
honors your contributions in
representing the greatest
elements of the soul of the
United States of America."

Jan Milton
Director, Founder of ORH


One of the most little known, but major elements that enables ORH to deliver needed supplies around the world, is the shipping ministry in conjunction with the US Air Force.

Because of the large quantity of materials which ORH has shipped with the Air Force, ORH has been made a part of the actual historical record of the US Air Force.

Jan Milton, Director and Founder of ORH, was also made an honorary member of the 3 APS Squadron of Pope Air Force Base, and was issued his own squadron "coin" and honored at a banquet held by the squadron.

Through the Air Force, ORH has shipped relief supplies and equipment to Russia, Panama, Haiti, Bosnia, and other locations. Without their help and dedication, millions across the world would be without the necessary elements of life.


After the Vietnam war, Rear Admiral Jeremiah Denton, who was the highest ranking POW of the war, was released after years of captivity.

Jeremiah, upon his return home, was sent to the Senate by his home state of Alabama. While there, in his role in the Military Appropriations Committee, he was able to start a humanitarian program which to this day still bears his name, the Denton Amendment.

Through the amendment, millions of pounds of humanitarian cargo has been flown from all over the world. ORH has been shipping cargo as a part of that program since 1992.

The Air Force personnel are like a caring family, making sure that organizations reach countries with aid. Their hard work in humanitarian efforts does not stop with transport. The Air Force goes the extra mile by providing security and packaging assistance in their off duty times.

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